Stanley C. Panther

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It’s been over a year since I started reaching out to mascots asking for interviews. I know I’ve said this a million times, but I usually get ignored. When I do get a response, it’s usually a polite decline. Sometimes, when the mascot is awesome, they are willing to do an interview, send feedback or refer me to other mascots who might be interested in giving me an interview. Any bit helps and I understand it’s difficult to give interviews when a large component of your job is anonymity. I greatly appreciate those people who have helped me out. Stanley C. Panther is one of those cool cats. I sent him some #mascotmail and received some stickers and an autograph card as a sign of gratitude. Although he is unable to be on the podcast, he took the time to answer some questions in written form. Enjoy.

How long have you been a mascot?
I have been the Florida Panthers Mascot since 1993.

Why did you want to become a mascot?
I love hockey… Duh!

Are you full time?
Not only do I work full time as the Florida Panthers mascot but, I live at the BB&T Center and my best buddy works with me, Viktor E. Ratt.

Do you have more than one job?
I have tried to do different jobs around the arena but Matt Caldwell (our president) says I should stick to being the mascot. I spilled all of the popcorn in concessions, I watched too much of the game to be an usher and I wouldn’t let any Tampa Bay Lightning fans into the arena as security.

How do you balance work and everything else?
For me, Work = Fun and Fun = Work. No need to balance, it’s already done.

Did you have to learn how to skate?
Most panthers don’t know how to skate so, I had to learn but, I was a natural.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
I got in a fun tussle with Shawn Thornton last year while he was dressed up as Santa Claus.

Do you regret anything you have done while being a mascot?
Never… I’m Purrrrrr-fect.

You must receive lots of gifts. What do you do with all of them?
I keep them all. Most of the time I get them during my birthday party I host at a Panthers’ game every year.

Have you ever traveled?
I travel a lot! Just last year I went to Los Angeles for the All-Star Game, Tallahassee to meet the Governor of FL, Orlando for the Mascot Games, Barbados to teach kids how to play hockey, and Tampa Bay to visit my buddy the ThunderBug and Raymond from the Rays.

What is the hardest part about being the mascot?
The hardest part is the end of the season and having to wait till October every year. #IsItOctorberYet #IsItOctoberYet!

What is your favorite thing about being the mascot?
My favorite thing is hanging out with Viktor and the Roar Corps (our energy team).

Which mascots inspire you?
My local South Florida boys of course. TD (Dolphins), Burnie (Heat), Billy (Marlins) and Sebastian (UM).

Stanley C. Panther